Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Anything New?

It has been forever since I even though of writing something new. I am not sure it really matters anyway. I am a procrastinator. My procrastination turns into forgetfulness and then forgetfulness just turns into plain old stupidity. But I digress...

Anything new? Sure lots of things. Too much to try to update this. Taxidermy, rings, vacation and lots of things. (Yes, I meant that to rhyme)

But what made me post today is how I find it so interesting how one sentence can absolutely change the atmosphere around you. It can be a perfectly ordinary day, neither good or bad, just a glad it is 5 o'clock kind of day, when suddenly you get news that changes everything. For days to come. No matter what you do, you can't stop thinking about "it". Sometimes it is good news, sometimes not so good news. Sometimes it makes you relive the feelings from prior news that dealt with the new current news. So sometimes you just feel like a sad song...

Usually in the morning
I'm filled with sweet belonging
And everything is beautiful to see
Even when it's raining
The sound of heaven singing
Is simply joyful music to me
But sometimes I feel like a sad song
Like I'm all alone without you

So many different places
A million smiling faces
Life Is so incredible to me
Especially to be near you
And how it is to touch you
Oh, paradise was made for you and me
But sometimes I feel like a sad song
Like I'm all alone without you

I know that life goes on just perfectly
Everything is just the way that it should be
Still there are times when my heart feel like breaking
And anywhere is where I'd rather be

Oh, and in the nighttime
I know that it's the right time
To hold you close and tell you I love you so
To have someone to share with
And someone I can care with
And that is why I wanted you to know

Sometimes I feel like a sad song
Like I'm all alone without you
Without you.

John Denver