Monday, April 22, 2013


I am going to wax philosophical today – if you don’t mind.

I am at work and it is Monday all over the place – if you know what I mean. But then, you have to consider. For us it is Monday. For others last week, there is no Monday anymore. So, Monday – even at worst – should be ok.

But I am in the midst of this Monday and I am trying to make this day better than it is. Nothing works. But then I think of my taxidermy. My (I use that term loosely because I think my sister would disagree) wonderful Buffalo – Bob, my ever so cute Fox – Sam, my rough, but loved weasel – Dave and finally my new squirrel – Brandon. All my beloved self-acquired taxidermy. But what about the 4 deer on the walls beside them? They have been in the living room for years and I have not named them. They are as cute as those I brought with me, yet they are not mine. Could that be the reason they remain as an anonymous animal? Simply because I did not personally acquire them? That is a very selfish reason and wholly unfair. They deserve a name too. They deserve their rightful place among our christened taxidermy menagerie. Yet, even with the injustice of them being un-named – my mind does not continue working on providing a moniker for those oh so deserving heads, it wanders back to squirrel #2. I have only chosen a name for one squirrel. I only thought I had room for one squirrel even though my niece found 2 for me. I was going to allow “squirrel #2” to just go live on my sister’s wall – after all – I didn’t have room for 2 squirrels. But Bob and Sam and Dave, my husband and  even those un-named deer cried out to me that we do – WE DO – have room for 2 squirrels. How can we break them up? They may be brothers or sisters! It would be callous to split them up in their eternal afterlife. So, I ponder. Then it hits me: decisions big and small are sometimes made using arbitrary circumstances and random reasons. Maybe it is my back hurting, maybe I am bored, maybe I just don't need a reason, or maybe it is just because it is Monday, but I have decided 2 squirrels it is. Brandon and...hmmmm….yet to be decided. Maybe there will be no decision on squirrel #2’s name until I finally name the deer.

Squirrel #2

Friday, April 19, 2013


Today has been a terrible, awful, no good day. (Does anyone remember that book?) I wasn't looking for that, I was not expecting that - and yet it was. My quest, my quest. What about my quest?  I tried to convey stories that lightened the mood. I laughed and the laughter worked on occasion. Yet, I have had enough of this day. I leave you, dear reader with this thought. At least I have named my squirrel - and I smile.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Post 2 - Day 108

So, as you can see I am on the ball. I am also very sarcastic. If I post every 55 or so days, you should be able to read 6.63 blogs this year and I should be 6.63 times as happy as I was January 1st - but don't hold you breath.

I got an email from an aquaintance yesterday that made me ask myself if I was still working on choosing to be happy. All this person did was ask me how my day was going. This was my answer:

"You ask how my day is going? My day is like all days: 

It is the best of days, it is the worst of days, it is the age of wisdom (well….), it is the age of foolishness (around here – that is the truth), it is the epoch of belief (that one day I can retire), it is the epoch of incredulity (that I am still working at this age!), it is the season of light (it is summer after all and we are on daylight savings time), and the season of darkness (because I am not independently wealthy), it is the spring of hope (that I will win the lottery), it is the winter of despair (because I haven’t won the lottery yet), we have everything before us (except a winning lottery ticket), we have nothing before us (except 3 more hours of work) , we are all going direct to heaven (I hope), we are all going direct the other way (if it as hot as summers around here I definitely don’t want to go)…

A Tale of Two Cities anyone? Actually I am passable today. Just waiting on 5 o'clock and a beer when I get home."

I didn't have a beer. But, does that sound like I am working at being happy? I just don't think so. I should be working at it. I think about it every day - but I do not CHOOSE it. That is so ridiculous since each day is going to pass whether I choose to be happy or not. I will get one day older. I will have one less day to live. I will have one less day to realize what a gift life is and that I am just letting it pass me by like an old dog that watches the squirrels run by. The very squirrels she used to chase for hours just for the sheer fun of it.

But I will just let today pass by and I think I will just roll over, yawn, and pet that old dog.