Tuesday, April 15, 2014

These Muppets Have Soul!

All I have to say is:

I want to go to THIS church! It has real soul!!

Watch & Enjoy!

If you aren't smiling after you watch it - you are just wound WAY to tight and may want to rethink making that doctors appointment!!



Monday, April 14, 2014


I just watched a video from the discovery channel that described research about being an optimist or a pessimist. I am a pessimist and I am unhappy about it. But years of wishing, hoping, praying changes nothing. So as I stated in an earlier blog, maybe it is just me. BUT, then it turns out there ARE differences in the brain and genes of each. So I am vindicated. I knew I wasn’t just walking around waiting for an ax murder to get me on purpose! It is GENETIC! What a relief! 

So, if you say the glass is half full and I tell you that - no - it is half empty and full of germs and microbes and feces and you will probably get a terminal illness if you drink tap water - I can't help myself! 

If you say you hope you win the lottery and I tell you I couldn't win a bucket of dirt if they were giving one to every person present - it is genetics. 

If you tell me you hope I have a great day and I tell you that you that there is no way in hell I probably will because good days just don't happen anymore - don't blame me, I was born this way. 

Wow!! What a relief!! I can finally be myself and blame it on my parents!

I just might have that good day after all!

Check it out for yourself!



Monday, April 7, 2014


Apparently I have lost my mind. Today is a day like any day – but there was the promise of bad weather. The promise? I said ‘promise’ on purpose! I love rain, lighting, thunder, hurricanes, tornados; you name it I get all giddy if it is in the forecast. Something most people dread – I look forward to. Like paper cuts and hemorrhoids - well not exactly like those.

Today even our normally exuberant weather guy, who made Kartina sound like a mild storm (I may be exaggerating a bit there), was amped today about the coming storm. Bad weather is ‘a comin’ around noon. It is 4:00 pm now and there is nothing but rain. Plain old everyday rain. Crap. I need a good storm; a storm that is outside instead of inside. I guess not today. Today, the storm remains unseen.