Thursday, January 23, 2014


How would you feel if you decided to stop doing the things you usually do? Do you stop cold turkey? Do you worry about how you will feel if you don't do these things? Do you feel that if you usually do these things and now you are going to stop that somehow you are going to be missing out on something? Or that this stoppage of usual activities giving you hope? For everything and nothing?

Depending on what you are stopping...



At what age does one normally begin to “feel" their eyebrows? Is this a common occurrence or is it just me. At first I believed it was my crappy new glasses. Perhaps they sat on my face in just such a way as to ever so gently brush against a few eyebrow hairs and make me know – all day long – that my eyebrows were indeed on my face. But I checked. Nope, not it. My next thought was – “Oh My Gosh, I have gotten to the age where I have those out of control, long, unruly, wild, old man eyebrows?” God forbid! So I checked. Nope, not it. But just to make sure that was not the problem I took my handy dandy sideburn trimmer (well really it was my husband's) and used the long trim attachment to trim those annoyances down in case I missed one.  I am half blind, so missing one just by looking in the mirror was a very real possibility. What happened you ask? I used the wrong side and accidentally shaved my eyebrows completely off! Curses! Good thing I am half blind and have to wear glasses that cover my, shall we say, lack of eyebrows! But it was then I noticed - that I STILL noticed them. They were completely gone, there were no hairs to rub on my glasses, there were obviously no wild strays, so there was no rational reason I could think of to be in this quandary – nevertheless, I could still FEEL them. So I ask again, at what age does one normally start to “feel” their eyebrows??!! Maybe Groucho Marx can answer my question.