Monday, April 22, 2013


I am going to wax philosophical today – if you don’t mind.

I am at work and it is Monday all over the place – if you know what I mean. But then, you have to consider. For us it is Monday. For others last week, there is no Monday anymore. So, Monday – even at worst – should be ok.

But I am in the midst of this Monday and I am trying to make this day better than it is. Nothing works. But then I think of my taxidermy. My (I use that term loosely because I think my sister would disagree) wonderful Buffalo – Bob, my ever so cute Fox – Sam, my rough, but loved weasel – Dave and finally my new squirrel – Brandon. All my beloved self-acquired taxidermy. But what about the 4 deer on the walls beside them? They have been in the living room for years and I have not named them. They are as cute as those I brought with me, yet they are not mine. Could that be the reason they remain as an anonymous animal? Simply because I did not personally acquire them? That is a very selfish reason and wholly unfair. They deserve a name too. They deserve their rightful place among our christened taxidermy menagerie. Yet, even with the injustice of them being un-named – my mind does not continue working on providing a moniker for those oh so deserving heads, it wanders back to squirrel #2. I have only chosen a name for one squirrel. I only thought I had room for one squirrel even though my niece found 2 for me. I was going to allow “squirrel #2” to just go live on my sister’s wall – after all – I didn’t have room for 2 squirrels. But Bob and Sam and Dave, my husband and  even those un-named deer cried out to me that we do – WE DO – have room for 2 squirrels. How can we break them up? They may be brothers or sisters! It would be callous to split them up in their eternal afterlife. So, I ponder. Then it hits me: decisions big and small are sometimes made using arbitrary circumstances and random reasons. Maybe it is my back hurting, maybe I am bored, maybe I just don't need a reason, or maybe it is just because it is Monday, but I have decided 2 squirrels it is. Brandon and...hmmmm….yet to be decided. Maybe there will be no decision on squirrel #2’s name until I finally name the deer.

Squirrel #2


  1. The deer should be called Daryl and Dave and Zack and Andre.
    The squirrel should be Bruce if its a boy and Betty if its a girl.
    I'm just saying.
    Unless of course, you go your usual route of naming the deer like:
    Gator and Raptor and Possum and Worm.
    And the squirrel could be called Manatee.
    I'm just saying.

    p.s. Enjoyed the post !!!

  2. NOT Dave. You have a Dave.
    How bout Dwayne. Or Dagget ??

  3. Sorry. I did not let it sink in that the weasel was Dave too. Sorta like "This is my brother Daryl and my other brother Daryl". "This is my stuffed Dave and a my other stuffed Dave".
    I will shut-up now.