Monday, May 5, 2014

St. Augustine

I went to St. Augustine this weekend. Ahhhh, the joy that is St. Augustine. If I could move there this very second, I would. If the qualification for doing that was that I had to leave almost all of my earthly possessions behind, I would do it. I would of course HAVE to take my sister (a must), my animals, my pictures, my reindeer, my husband, my lawn mower, my sun welcome sign, the motorcycle and all the accessories, my purse, and of course all my Jell-O Jiggler molds. That is all I would need. Oh, and a flashlight, but no ordinary flashlight.

Why did I pick those items you ask?

“Seriously, if you couldn’t take your Jiggler molds you wouldn't go, you ask yourself?? And what is up with the flashlight??” Those things are a dime a dozen, you say. You can get them anywhere you say. But I say – do you know that for a fact???

I have been collecting Jiggler molds for over a decade. My family has been making Jigglers before they had a definitive name. It is chromosomal in my family. The little Jell-O squares were at all our family events. We were Jiggler pioneers. The rest of the world caught up with us later – and I am glad they did.

Oh, the fun that is all the Jiggler mold shapes. I have Easter, and Christmas, and 4th of July, and Nascar, and Halloween, and St. Patrick’s Day, and Thanksgiving, and other various random shapes that mold into that Jiggler goodness. I buy them every time I see a new one come out. The Halloween brain is my favorite, but I don’t tell that to the other molds. I don’t want to hurt their feelings and have them malfunction by leaking when I need them. Jiggle leakage – oh the mess, the Jell-O carnage.

Wait, how did I get off on that sidebar??

St. Augustine – how I love St. Augustine. I would move there in a second. But only if it allows Jigglers - and my husband - and my sister - and a flashlight...

If you have to ask about the flashlight, you must not be a part of my family. They know.


  1. That is awesome! I had no idea!
    I would have to have scissors.
    'And this remote, and this paddle ball game, and...this chair, thats all I need....'

  2. Hahahaha!!! See, I knew you would get it!! :)

  3. Also, a lawn mower? everything is rocks and sand. I do not understand. I'm not judging you. I just don't understand.
    Oh wait. I understand. The mower you use what-for pulling the recliner to the liquor store.
    gots it.

    "I never get buckets in that size"