Saturday, December 3, 2016


This blog isn’t for everyone this time. It is for one specific person. Now, I can’t say if this person actually seeks out my blog to see if I have posted regularly, but I know he had read my blog. I hope he reads this one – because I cannot think of any other way to tell him this.

We have 4 cats. We love our 4 cats, but if you follow my blog you know that early this year we lost our one and only beloved beagle, Bunny. Bunny was my first real dog. Well, there were other dogs – 2 to be exact – and those 2 did not last very long at all for various reasons.

Our kids LOVE dogs because of Bunny and I have to admit that because of Bunny, I love dogs. But I am a cat person. Born and bred, dyed in the wool, clear down to my bone marrow, cat person. Dogs? Who needs a dog? Way too needy I used to say – just like babies. But that needs to be a whole different blog topic.

Bunny changed all that. I finally saw what people see in dogs. I finally learned why they call them man’s best friend. I finally learned to love dogs – almost as much as cats.

Then she was gone. That is when I learned just how deep my new found love of dogs was. Well, if you can call cultivating it for 13 wonderful years ‘new found.’

It has been almost a year now and all my brain can think of is DOG. Commercials about DOG food pain me. I even don’t like Jack Hanna – but when his Cosaquin commercials come on all I can think is ‘lucky duck – he has a dog.’ Don’t even ask about the Humane Society commercials. Talk about a way to rip my heart out….

So this person and I started chatting about getting another dog, even though we said we never would. The talk became more frequent. The longing became more urgent. The Googling on the internet became more common.

But we didn’t find our dog.

Then by a sheer coincidence I found this cute puppy last week:

Holy mackerel – is she cute or what.

Oh yes, she definitely is!

She is a ‘Pocket Beagle’ and she cost more than my first car. But I was smitten.

Let me just caution anyone reading this by saying – READ THE FINE PRINT BEFORE INQUIRING ABOUT ANY PUPPY ONLINE!

I inquired. Unfortunately – according to their fine print – that inquiry is binding contract to purchase said puppy – if available. She was not.

I was happy yet sad all at the same time. Happy she was not available so I didn't have to shell out a fortune, because as I said – she cost more than my first car. But sad because she wasn't available. It was like having canine vertigo!

But the next day I got an email from the breeder telling me the other person had backed out and she was mine – invoice attached.




What have I accidentally, on purpose, done? How do I tell this other person that I just bought his Birthday/Christmas present without so much as a hint, a prayer, a picture, or a request - asking him if this was the right time. How will the cats and his beloved little cat/puppy Little Rat react? (A cat/puppy is an extremely cute cat that even though I saved her from death itself has devoted herself to this person and follows him around like a puppy PLUS sleeps on his head nightly just to be as close as possible to him.)

Sooooooo……SURPRISE!! Now is the time! Well, December 15th is the actual date.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY & MERRY CHRISTMAS to the most wonderful husband on the planet!!

Please don’t kill me….

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  1. Awwwww.. So sweet!
    Can't wait till he finds out!
    All I can think of is the Daffy Duck cartoon:
    "I will name him George and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him...
    I will pat him and pet him....
    I will love him and caress him...."