Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday - We Meet Again

Everyone loves Fridays. I think it is genetic. The end of the work week. The end of the stress that work piles on to you. A time to know you can relax for 2 days without someone not doing their job and shifting it to you. 2 days to sleep in. 2 days with no bosses. 2 days to not wish you were independently wealthy and didn't have to put up with the shit at work. I am especially fond of this Friday. There is food at work for a coworker who is leaving. Food at work is always a highlight. Diets fly out the window and everyone is always jolly. Yes, jolly. Jolly like I imagine a pirate meeting would be when they gather to divvy up the booty they have collected. I collected cake. Arrrgggg.

But now we move on to the rest of this Friday. A slow moving, lethargic end to a terrible, horrible, no good week. The pirates have all gotten quiet from too much feasting & drink and we begin to act like worker bees again. But on Fridays, the hive is never full and it is quiet and, well, boring so the chances of the afternoon turning into a punishment like walking the plank is slim to none.

So, out of all of this revelry and sluggishness what do I find to be happy about? Come on, you know the answer - that tomorrow is Saturday and I have a 24 hours to do everything or nothing. But it is all MY choice.

Oh and also, my girlfriend just told me she got her house. Life is good!


  1. Jolly good blog post matey !!!

    1. I actually posted this comment at about 8:00/8:15 this morning !!
      Saw it with my own eyes.
      Can you delete comments ??

  2. I don't think so. No deletion on my part. Maybe Capt. Barbossa didn't like me giving away pirate secrets so he deleted your comment so I would think no one was reading this...