Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Something occurred to me in the hot tub this morning. The hot tub is my "thinking spot". Picture this - it was a dark & stormy morning - no not really. It was red outside so the thought ran through my head about "red in the morning, sailor take warning". But for now all was peaceful. The birds were just beginning to wake up and Ava was in her usual spot staring outside and I was basking in the warmth of my hot tub trying to prepare my mind for my day. "Thank you Lord for this day. Thank you for the birds singing outside. Help me be positive today, helpful and hopeful. Help me get through today because it is ONLY Wednesday." ONLY Wednesday I pondered. But then it struck me, what if I changed a word in that sentence. What if it was ALREADY Wednesday? Well, that changes everything. That denotes that instead of the week dragging, it is instead flying by. Something anyone in the workforce hopes for. Then another thought struck me. Only and already are almost always interchangeable. Every sentence I thought of while pondering this in my hot tub could be changed by simply changing those words. Amazing. How had I not thought of that before? One word changes a mindset from doom and gloom to that of positivity and optimism. Exactly what I am striving for. HAZAH! So, I am going to go through my day today and purposefully look for those times when I can change my only to already.


My coworker sent this to me today when I got to work. Hahaha!! Was she thinking in her hot tub too???


P.S. I made it approximately 30 minutes into that mid set when I encountered the lizard, the spider web, a locked gas pump and was late to work. Only – Already? What was I thinking??!!

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  1. Profound !!!
    But your P.S. proves that you are onto something !!!!