Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Not Today

I am not happy today.

I was happy for part of the day yesterday.

I may be happy tomorrow.

But, I am not happy today.

I am told happiness is a decision and can be achieved every day.

I would argue with those that say that.

But there are those that may say I argue about a lot of things.

I would argue with those that say that though.

I cannot make myself be happy today.

I can try, but I probably will not succeed.

I am hoping I will be happy tomorrow.

I hope so.

But that is still debatable.

It is entirely up to me.

I know that.

But I am wondering in a sea of ambiguity.

If you have any tips on how to change my mood - let me know.


  1. I just caught a huge ambiguity of the dock in St Augustine a couple of months ago.
    I heard that there are hundreds in the sea this time of year !
    So stop your wondering and pick any darn mood you want to be in !
    Love you and your blog!!