Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Fat Tuesday & Fat Heartbreak

Happy Fat Tuesday!

While it is Fat Tuesday, including a King Cake, it is definitely not happy.

Today is the day we had to put our beloved dog Bunny to sleep. She was 14; she has not been feeling good for a while, so while I know she is in a better place – we are not. We are heartbroken.

I must let you know that I am a 100% dyed in the wool, bone deep cat person. Bunny was the first dog I have ever had. I only agreed to get her because I was trying to get in good with my soon to be dog loving, cat disliking, new husband. If he would put up with my cats then it was only fair I would let him have a dog.

Since merging our bi-animal household, we have lost some cats. Bear, my adored Siamese being the main one. When he passed away at 19 I believed the only thing that would ever top that pain I felt was losing one of my children.

I was wrong. Horribly wrong.

This by far has been one of the most traumatic loss of a pet I have ever experienced and I was puzzled by that.

I love Bunny, but I still do not consider myself a ‘dog person.’ So I wondered why this death is causing me more pain than any other.

Sometimes answers come in strange ways.

In trying to distract myself from my thoughts I went to the kitchen to unload (and reload) the dishwasher. While doing that I turned around – no one – or should I say no pet – was there. It was odd and that is the moment I realized why this was so hard.

While cats have a laisse faire attitude about being around you – dogs do not. Or at least Bunny did not.

I cannot remember a single time when a family member went into the kitchen that Bunny did not immediately follow them. Admittedly hoping for a treat – but still – she was a fixture! As much a part of the kitchen as the stove, refrigerator and sink. The cats come and go hoping you don’t see them as they run out the door.

The kitchen just won’t be the same without Bunny.

We move to the living room. Bunny was always within glance if you were in the living room; lying in front of the fireplace or by the front storm door. Always there waiting for a sign that you would give her some love – or another treat – or your dinner plate.

Along with her presence came loud snoring if she was sleeping or nose hair burning poots. Maybe I will miss those the most. No need for the Bunny poot fans we purchased now. 

But the cats perch on their tower aloof. Staring at you as if to say – sit near you and your lap? You must be kidding me!

The living room will just never be the same without Bunny.

Then there was the bedroom.

Sleeping with one cat and the Bun was ok. Sleeping with 2 cats and the Bun was passable. Sleeping with 3 cats and the Bun was getting out of hand. But sleeping with 4 cats and the Bun was almost unbearable, so someone had to go. It was not Bunny. As long as she was able, she slept with us in the bed.

The bed won’t be the same without Bunny.

Now we move to mornings – but we come right back to the kitchen story. Although the cats like their morning treats, no one was more excited to get up and get one than Bunny. She nearly danced a jig each morning while seeming to say, “Thanks for the treat! It is going to be a good day isn’t it?!”

Mornings will never be the same.

The cats will never alert us to an intruder – neither man nor beast (we live in the woods).

The cats will never meet us at the truck when we come home from a day’s journey just to say, "YAY! You are home!"

The cats will never roll over just waiting for a tummy rub every time you walk by them.

No place in this home will be the same without Bunny.

Bunny was ALWAYS there ready to give love. The cats will take – but very rarely give. That is what cats do. I expect that. But that is why a dog is just so different.

So I have learned that cats are not dogs and that I am now keenly aware of why they call them ‘man’s best friend.’ In my case, a woman’s best friend too.

I learned with that flash of insight at the kitchen sink, why this is so difficult.

Bunny has no idea how much you will be missed.

I told her before she was gone to go play with Bear. They loved each other. Bunny, will you say “Hi” to Puppy too?

Thank you for 14 fun filled years.

Bunny - in the kitchen - where most of her pictures were taken.

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  1. Awwwww.
    Such a sweet memorial!
    She truly was a great dog.
    So very sorry for your loss.