Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Like The Corners of My Mind

It is amazing to me how life trudges on; and days turn into weeks, then months, then years and you come to believe that things that happened 30 years ago (or more) are dealt with and filed away in the file cabinet in the back of your brain that is marked – Too Old To Dredge Up – Not Important Anymore.

But then something happens NOW and somehow one of those drawers in that file cabinet in the back of your brain gets jerked open and the memory or memories that were long ago tucked away, come flooding back like the circumstances had happened only moments ago. You feel it ALL – all over again.

The file cabinet is no respecter of whether you want to remember. It just brings the file card of memories up to the forefront of your mind and sticks it to the emotion center of your brain with a tack and shouts – HA! Now deal with it – again.

I have too much to do to be side tracked in this manner today. But I can’t stop the flood. If I had some Gorilla Glue I would take those memories, make sure they were filed safely in the file cabinet and Gorilla Glue it shut. I would post a sign on the cabinet that would read – Do Not Open. Although, actually you couldn’t anyway because Gorilla Glue is AWESOME at sticking things together permanently. (Think Siamese goldfish – that weren’t actually born that way. And yes, they can live for a while like that.)

I won’t divulge exactly what I am talking about as I don’t want to open the drawer of the locked away memories for anyone else. Keep smiling and just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

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  1. Such a remarkable blog.
    I am smiling at the memory drawer 'escape' and glad to know I am not alone in this occurrence, but I am also making the scrunchy face over the fact that someone glued fish together?
    Most distressing and disturbing.