Thursday, April 16, 2015

You Never Know

You never know.

Some people never come to the realization that you never know. I know I have never known for several decades. It is a comfort, but it is a devil as well. Playing with your mind. Almost making you believe sometimes that because you don't know, this may be the last second you even can think about the fact that you don't know. And so it goes.  

What am I talking about? Death of course. We live every day never really knowing if we will make it to work or not - or - make it home again.  Never having a warning that it might be your last seconds on Earth.

I just found out a person I have known for at over10 years did NOT make it home Sunday. She was 24. She was sweet and kind and always had a smile. I never once heard her complain about anything.  

I didn't really know her as you may imagine though because the only time I saw her was when I ordered food at a local restaurant. We were such frequent visitors that she knew our order before we said anything. That was it. We never went anywhere together, we never hung out, I doubt she even knew my name, but somehow we had a connection. We were friends in a way that most people do not see. Most people do not take notice of the person that takes their order or brings them their food. We did. 

We knew her name, we asked about her family and when she was pregnant we gave her a baby gift. 

That was all the relationship entailed. But I LOVED this girl - like she was my daughter. 

We went to the restaurant today. There was a computer generated sign with her picture asking for money to help her 2 young daughters. She had been killed in an auto accident Sunday. She was 24. She was too young to die. She was too sweet to die. She had too many reasons to live. 

It is odd, but normal, that when you see someone, it may never cross your mind that you will never see them again. It certainly didn't cross my mind last week when I saw her. 

It hurts me to the core that evil, malicious, and downright mean people can live to torment others for what seems to be an eternity. But good people like Brittany only last 24 short years. 

I will miss seeing her - and be reminded in a stronger way - that you never know. 

I love you all...



  1. Such a sweet sentiment fot what sounds like a lovely person. You were lucky to have known each other.

  2. What a lovely post to write to honour her memory. Such a tragic end to a young life.