Thursday, May 28, 2015

People Who Live in Glass Houses Don't Own Cats

At the beginning of the year I purchased an iPhone 6 Plus. Big is the way to go for me because I am old and mostly blind. Blind for me actually came before the old, but people relate better to the concept of losing vision as they age so that is why I put it that way. Unfortunately I did it in reverse.

Going from an iPhone 4 to a 6 Plus was like finally moving in with your favorite relative while she was baking cookies! Absolute heaven!

And with every phone, my must haves are insurance, a screen protector, and a case. I paid more for this phone than I did my first car. You want to protect that kind of investment.

Insurance – check. Case – check. Screen protector – dang. So I went to my trusty Amazon Prime account. I looked over the many impact resistant tempered glass offerings and made my choice. 4 stars – it has to be good. Two days later it arrived on my doorstep.

I don’t get home until well after 6 pm from work so it was late the day it arrived and my husband swayed me to not affix it to my phone immediately by saying “Dinner’s Ready”! After dinner came showers, and foot rubs, and favorite TV shows. Needless to say it did not get done.

It did not get done for many nights after that.

Thinking I was smart, I kept it in a very visual place in my kitchen as a sort of subtle reminder to take care of this project. It was positioned behind my monk decanter that holds my incense. Every time a human walks from the kitchen into the living room you see it. A constant reminder you are being slothful.

But then it disappeared. I was confused. But only for a moment because almost immediately something else came up (lunch was ready?) and I forgot about it. Then it reappeared. My husband said he found it in the shoe basket. So I put it back in its rightful spot behind my monk.

I swore I would the upcoming weekend! I did not.

I kept swearing I would take care of this and kept ignoring that swearing until last weekend. I had a 3 day weekend and I would be home! Plenty of time to finally do the deed; and believe it or not I actually opened the package to do it – AND – the screen protector was BROKEN.

Yep, the shoe basket had apparently taken its toll.

In my mind a mere few weeks had flown by since I had ordered it, so I thought of returning it. You have 30 days after all. When I looked up the order I found that I had actually ordered the protector in early FEBRUARY!! It was now late MAY. Waaaay past the 30 days. I was stunned!

Had I actually had that thing for 3 months and not bothered to protect my precious phone?! I just shook my head at myself.

Nothing I could do about it now so I went right to my computer and my wonderful Amazon Prime account and ordered a new one. They even listed better, thinner ones! Three months is a long time in the world of technology after all! So I upgraded to a newer, better brand. 4.5 stars! HAZAH!

It came yesterday. Determined NOT to be as languid as I had been with the first one, I opened it right up. Got my phone out, cleaned it with the cleaning implements provided and placed that baby on my beloved phone.

And there they were – a hair, a dust ball, and a fingerprint. The fingerprint right in the middle of the screen was definitely not mine and it was kind of creepy.

The hair – cat.

The dust ball –  from a cat.

Maybe the fingerprint was actually a paw print!

Then it dawned on me. I had taken off the sticky side’s protective cover and taken 2 steps to turn on a light before trying to protect my phone. Those two steps – in a home full of furry creatures – is the death knell to anything that must remain perfectly clean.

I took it off and threw it away. I give up. My phone is going to have to fend for itself – screen wise.

Note to self: If you live in a house with 4 cats (and a dog), don’t even waste your time trying to place glass on glass and expect it to turn out properly.

But if you own pets – you knew already that…

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  1. LOL !!!
    Cats and technology-like gravy on mashed potatoes...gets all over everything in the blink of an eye!
    Loved the post!