Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Late Night Thoughts

I have been a 'boss' or 'manager' and I have been an 'underling'. A.K.A = peon. 

Having been an 'underling' early on, I learned that should I ever become a 'boss', one of the major things I would do is to make sure that the 'underlings' understood that - while they were not me - the 'BOSS' - they were valued and appreciated for the job that they did. 

As a 'boss' I went out of my way to 'make it so' (Trekkie anyone?). I believed in transparency and honesty and communication with those I commanded. I believed in 'mental health days', and let my 'underlings' know that I did. I believed vacation days and sick days were not just days to build up and get paid for when you leave - but were days to use. I understood that there were days they just could not make it to work - for no real reason - they just didn't want to be at work (i.e. see aforementioned mental health days). The 'underlings' loved me and my work ships always ran smoothly. Mostly because my employees knew I always had their back.

But I grew tired of the 'boss' status. Actually, I grew tired of the 37 moves and 24/7 job demands. When once again I became a 'boss' on move 38, it had worn out its significance.

I just wanted to do my 8 am - 5 pm job and go home. So I took a job with the title - but no real power. Great idea you say - I say what a mistake.

I see the things I used to do for 'underlings' (a.k.a peon - a.k.a now ME) not being done. I live through things I would have NEVER done to those under me.

I want to scream daily. But days in the employment arena are so different. Everyone is 'expendable.' Or so those in power believe and I suppose in the end game - are.

It is sad. It makes me unbelievably sad.

The employment world falls apart all around us because 'degrees' matter more than 'experience' and no one in power seems to understand that just a kind word or a small show of appreciation would mean so much to those under them. This 'antiquated' idea is not in their purview.

Those in charge now assume they are better and smarter than those of my age. We who have been there before. We now stand beside them mute, because they don't care what we have learned during our years of 'experience.' They are sure they are smarter because they have multiple college degrees.

They may be younger and have degrees, but they aren't smarter.

If they only knew what appreciation and loyalty shown to those below them would bring out in those working under their supposed 'leadership.' You don't learn those skills in college - by gaining degrees. If they only knew that just because they have multiple degrees, those degrees do not help them understand what motivates those they oversee.

I know what is lacking, but I don't have multiple degrees and probably in the workforce I am a dinosaur. So I am dismissed.

But I know how to lead. I have been there. I have been successful.

If they only cared to ask...


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  2. Well said !
    You have so much to offer and if they were as smart as they think they are, you would not have to write this post.
    Sorry you have to put up with what seems to be an epidemic of imitation intelligence and ceaseless arrogance.
    You are awesome and don't ever forget it !!!!