Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Altered States

I had a lot of time to think this weekend because I was ill. Here is how one conversation went – in my head:

Lightheaded me:  So, you need to decide. Do you want to retire near the ocean or in the mountains? Which is more important?

Me: I have vertigo right now. Do you seriously want me to make an important life decision when I can’t think straight?

Lightheaded me:  Why the hell not? It isn’t like you have made that many great decisions clear headed!

Me: Huh. Well then, let me throw this out. What about a lake – it is still water – surrounded by mountains.

Lightheaded me:  Good call, good call. But I am not clear on whether it is the water or the wave action you like.

Me: Can you leave the wave action out of it for now. I am about to barf.

Lightheaded me:  Sorry. I know you want to be near your sister, and if you choose the ocean I know your sister would be right there with you.

Me: Retire with my sister? What about my husband. What about her husband?

Lightheaded me: You and your sister are half Stiteler, you are going to live forever. Your men are moot. They will probably be long gone. If not, we could take them out.

Me: What? Wait a second.

Lightheaded me: NO! Make plans now! DO IT! Call your sister! Plan it out!

Me: Ummmm…just a second…Let me go get my vertigo medicine…


  1. Yowza ! Please give me heads up if i'm around and you don't have your vertigo meds with you !!!! :)

  2. That pic makes me dizzy. Got an extra pill? :)